Vidur Bharadwaj 3C


3C Vidur Bharadwaj was a proponent of creating architecture with a soul rather than just dead structures. In his most recent works, Bharadwaj has incorporated a variety of historical architectural styles and produced buildings that feel like an extension of nature itself, are ecologically sound, and something we can be pleased to show off to the next generation. The 3C Director Vidur Bharadwaj built numerous projects that received LEED Gold certification


The IGBC has recognised Knowledge Boulevard as a GOLD-rated LEED Green Building. Knowledge Boulevard is located in sector 62 of NOIDA. The 4.94 acre Knowledge Boulevard project was constructed as a core-and-shell facility for tenants in the IT and ITES industries. The project included highly energy-efficient design elements with the aim of creating a facility with great performance, minimal maintenance requirements, and low operating costs. The building was planned with aesthetics, operational and functional cost effectiveness, and sustainability in mind. Two blocks make up the skyscraper; parking and communal amenities are located on the stilted bottom floor. Common amenities include a gym and a cafeteria.

Additionally assisting in energy conservation are pre cooled fresh air, heat recovery wheels, and free cooling during nice weather. The entire rainwater is collected and transferred to harvesting tanks, making it a zero discharge building. Sewage is completely treated, and recycled water is utilised for flushing, gardening, and makeup in cooling towers. Construction waste was correctly separated, and more than 98% of the debris was kept out of landfills by being reused, recycled, or given to the appropriate organisations


Hyderabad's Spectral Services project has received a Gold rating from LEED. The office is situated in Jubilee Hills, in the centre of Hyderabad City, which provides excellent access to essential facilities and is well connected to neighbouring districts by public transit. The office layout features a pleasant, social room with lots of natural light. The majority of the workstations are distributed throughout the floor plate in an open-plan arrangement.

The design maximizes natural daylight and fresh air, uses less energy, cuts running costs and improves the work environment. The project demonstrates exemplary performance in construction waste management and use of regional materials. Rapidly renewable materials like Bamboo with recycled content that are not harmful to the occupant's health are used to give the project a touch of nature. The project serves as an example of best practises in the use of regional materials and the management of building waste


The IGBC has recognised the Wipro Campus in Greater Noida as a LEED Gold Green Building in the New Construction Category (Indian Green Building Council, under the aegis of USGBC). The goal of this project is to develop a tranquil, interesting campus environment. Software office buildings are planned on either side of the axis, with the activity hub and common areas like the cafeteria, entertainment area, and sports centre along the central axis. The efficient, straight, and rectangular office blocks stand in stark contrast to the curved welcome, library, and relaxation areas.


Located in Noida, Patni Campus is a Gold LEED certified Green Building. Comparing this initiative to more traditional methods, which achieve lower standards, is like comparing apples to oranges. This project establishes high standards for its contemporaries to adhere to and gives them guidance on how to further raise those standards. To reduce the energy usage on the development each year, a robust monitoring method is put in place

The Patni Campus is a zero discharge development, meaning all rainwater is collected and transported to harvesting tanks. 100% of the sewage is processed, and reclaimed water is used for flushing, gardening, and cooling the tower makeup. Effective water management techniques included the use of native plants that require little water, drip irrigation, and solar water heating.

The 3C Green architecture skills of Vidur Bharadwaj has received accolades from a number of sources, and his business has won multiple significant awards. The only Indian architect to have completed Gold and Platinum rated buildings in India is him.